DHM Performance ECU Flash for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

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Tim Marple
ECU Flash

I'd love to comment of the flash but it's been in the teens and now we have over a foot of snow. What I can say is that the customer service and support is extremely exceptional. Thanks David.

Vlad Z
High compression and cam with tune

I recently Installed my high compression and dhm cam on my 2022 yellow grom and I'm super impressed with the outcome. I run a 13-31 sprocket setup and the bike comfortably reaches city and highway speeds with a very small impact to the fuel economy of the bike. I definitely recommend dhm engine products and can't wait to try out more accesories and mods that come out

Mike B.
Awesome! Great performance increase!

I have a 2022 Grom with an Amazon Ransoto exhaust system installed on it. This made the bike run pretty lean. After installing the DHM reflashed ECU, and removing the baffle from the exhaust, the performance went way up. I am able to get 70 mph out of the Grom now. Thank you so much! The ECU arrived in two days and wasn't difficult to install. This, in my opinion, is a must have modification for the Grom.

Mack James
Awesome sauce!!!

I love it Huge difference thank you guys

bret simpson
Cam & ECU tune - 22 Monkey

Great service. Friendly, helpful, good price and fast shipping.
Most of all when looking for the items I was really trying to find "in stock" items but after 3 very trusted and independent friends all recommended DHM it was a no brained. DHM it was 👍🏻

After months of development, we're now offering ECU flashes for the 2022 Honda Grom and Monkey!
The 2022 engine doesn't run as lean in the lower RPM as the previous generation, but still runs lean at higher RPM once an intake and exhaust are added. Honda was also very conservative when mapping the new bike, and has left a bit of power and throttle response on the table. As seen in the dyno graphs, we've been able to pick up quite a bit of mid range power and we've also smoothened out the awkward power hiccups that the stock mapping had. 
The DHM ECU Flash modifies the following:
  • Fuel mapping - we remap the entire fuel table to help your bike run safer while also making more power than the factory mapping. We can maintain factory fuel economy at part throttle while also making sure the bike runs safely and effectively under load. Fuel mapping is essential to keeping engine temps down.
  • Ignition timing - we modify all spark angle maps to increase throttle response and power while keeping temps down. This can also help with fuel economy at part throttle, while allowing gains across the board when under load. We've altered the timing to eliminate the factory power dip around the 5,000rpm mark.
  • SOI - Injection timing is modified to make sure that fuel is delivered at the most precise moment to increase efficiency and power. 
  • EOT Tables - We alter engine operating temperature tables to make sure the ECU compensates for high engine temps. This failsafe helps prevent engine damage when extreme temperatures occur.
  • Optional - Tip sensor delete and Cold start delete
Map Options:

  • Exhaust Only: For bikes that are bone stock other than an aftermarket exhaust system
  • Stage 1: For bikes that have an aftermarket intake and exhaust installed
  • Stage 2: For bikes that have an intake, exhaust, and aftermarket camshaft installed 
  • Stage 3: For bikes that have intake, exhaust, camshaft and our DHM piston installed
We have maps for nearly every combination of intake, exhaust, and cam, and are currently updating our library daily. If you don't see your mods listed, feel free to inquire, we may just have a setup for you. 
We currently have maps for the following exhausts: Yoshimura, Hindle, Vance&Hines, Anodized Racing (Amazon), Over High mount, and the Zoom loop and Brute.
We have maps to work with the following intakes: Chimera, MNNTHBX, Airbox mod, and Dinger Short and Mid.
We can map for the following cams: DHM S1 / CJR S2, DCR
We have maps for the following pistons: DHM Stock Bore
Our S1 cam for the 2022 model can be found HERE.

Our stock bore high compression piston can be found HERE

If you are looking for packages that include s cam and/or piston, you can find those here:
Stage 2: 

Stage 3: 
***After checkout, you will receive an email confirmation that will include shipping instructions, as well as a link to an online form that will ask for your specific mods.***



  • Orange: Bone Stock
  • Green: Stock with Yoshimura Exhaust
  • Purple: Yoshimura Exhaust and DHM Flashed ECU
  • Red: Yoshimura Exhaust, Intake and DHM Flashed ECU

  • Blue: Stock 
  • Green: Chimera Intake, Yoshimura Exhaust, DHM S1 Camshaft, DHM Tune