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DHM S1 Camshaft for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey (Generation 2)


After testing multiple different variations of cams for the 2022 Grom, we've settled on this setup for stock bore and big bore bikes. We have maximized the lift using the stock valves and combined that with a very rideable duration that produces gains at every RPM in the rev range. 

DHM S1 Camshaft

  • Highest possible lift with stock valves
  • Gains across the entire rev range
  • +1-2HP over a bike with only intake/exhaust
  • Direct drop-in installation
  • Set valve clearance to .005” / .005”

Generation 2 Updates

  • Removable big bearing for ease of install
  • Duration adjustment to help tip in response and idle noise
  • Stronger heat treatment to increase overall durability

A tune is required to run this cam! We have our ECU flash available HERE and we also offer the aRacer Mini5 if you prefer to do the tuning yourself, available HERE.




Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Aaron E
Another great experience from DHM

S1 cam discounted for Black Friday so decided to jump on it. Shipping was, again, very fast.


Very satisfied with this cam setup. Power all across the rev range. For starts This cam , yoshi pipe, 14t front sprocket and tune. Your Grom feels like a whole different bike

Andrew H
Great mod!

Just installed the S1 cam to go along with the Chimera intake, Yoshi full exhaust and aRacer live AFR tuner. What a difference! This cam made a huge power improvement and still so fun to ride in all areas of the powerband! Very easy to install too!

Sean Reams
Grom s1 and reflash

Got it to 79 mph down hill and cruise at 65-70 worth it

Awesome upgrade!

With a Chimera intake, aRacer Mini-x ecu, and $89 amazon exhaust that I welded o2 sensor bung to for the AF2 module, and this cam, this bike is actually fun to ride. I've had it on the freeway and granted I was still the slowest one on the road, I was able to go the speed limit for the most part (68 mph is the highest I saw).