aRacer Mini5 Standalone ECU for 2021+ Honda Grom

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Evan Bradford

DO NOT BUY THIS WITHOUT AF2 or AF1unless you know what your doing with all the tuning if your not sure on how to tune BUY THE AF2 wideband sensor so you can auto tune it if you dont know how to tune or don’t have someone to dyno or tune it get the af2 complete plug and play super simple also buy the app that cost money the free one is bad. this ecu with the wideband is awesome so cool to mess with the features and definitely unlocked power that the stock ecu wasn’t giving me 100% will put on all my bikes!

adam roman

I currently have four bikes running aracer.
Worth the money 💴
Especially if you’re a person who its the track in Likes to rune their bike

The aRacer Mini-5 ECU is a complete standalone ECU replacement for your 2021+ Honda Grom. 

It uses bluetooth to link to your smartphone where you can make your own adjustments. In-App adjustments include:

  • Fuel Base (For larger injector use)
  • Fuel maps (TPS x RPM)
  • Spark Angle / Ignition Timing (TPS x RPM)
  • Rev Limiter
  • Idle RPM
  • Backfire Functions
  • Deceleration Fuel Cut
  • Autotuning (requires aRacer AF2 Module)
  • Much more!

This is a perfect ECU for those who wish to tune themselves and it is expandable with the AF2 unit that will automatically adjust the fuel maps for your based on your selected target AFRs.

The AF2 module module can be found HERE.