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DHM is the premier provider of performance parts for your small bore machines. Every part or service we sell is extensively tested by us and therefore we only sell what we run ourselves. Our machines and parts are among the winningest in the industry in multiple racing classes around the world. #RUNDHM

DHM 149cc Kits for the 2022-2024 Grom / Monkey Now Available! We've dialed in the largest bore kit possible for the 2022-2024 motor without having to bore the crankcase.

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Our high compression CRF110 stock bore piston has more stock-limited race wins than any other CRF piston. It is the heart of a competitive stock-limited build and is what brings the stock-bore CRF to life!

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What our customers are saying:

Awesome Customer Service!

After watching several YouTube videos I knew the DHM products were great. However, what really was nice was how awesome the customer service was.

Due to a last minute change in plans I was up against a short time schedule to be able to have my Grom ready for a trip to the Smokies. After just 1 email my order was processed and shipped and I was able to get my bike done with a day to spare.

Thank you DH Motoring! - Todd Waara

Never dissappoints!

Started with just a cam and flash and got very noticeable gains! Couldnt wait to do the high compression piston and got even more noticeable gains. David is great to deal with and is quick to answer any questions. Several buddies in my Grom group are now going to do the same! If you want to wake your Grom up for reasonable costs, this is the way to go! Many thanks to the DHM Team for the excellent service and quality products!! - Mark Worden

Best service I've had in a long time!

I just got my Grom and wanted to give it a little more pep. I sent an email and got a response back much faster than I ever thought I would. My questions were answered and I was given great feedback. Ended up with the stage 2 cam and flash. I love the additional power and now am trying to decide if I want the BBK or the Stage 3 piston. Either way I'll be ordering from DHM. -JRob

2023 Honda Grom

I purchased the DHM Stage 2 Flash and S1 Cam Package for my 2023 Honda Grom. The staff was extremely polite and helpful. My items shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Installation was a breeze. I highly recommend working with the folks at DHM and purchasing this upgrade if you have a Honda Grom. It woke my Grom up! Increased throttle response, rpm and top speed! It's a different bike! - Rick Crawford

It’s a whole new bike now!

It’s worth every penny! The bike runs so much better now. It pulls hard on the top end now where it used to die off and just be super flat on power up top. The cams torque curve is great and around the 7k mark you can really feel the motor come to life. Anyone debating on a cam should just buy it now. You won’t be disappointed at all. The smile it puts on your face the first time you rev it out will be huge. It’s so much more fun to ride the little Grom now! I find myself grinning every time I take off and rev the bike out each gear. It will honestly surprise you. Install is also super easy with a handful of YouTube videos for anyone having doubts if they can install it. If you can change the oil in your bike then you can install the cam. - Jake

2019 grom cam and ecu

Extremely happy customer. Brand new to groms, I watched 2-3 short videos on how to do the cam swap / ecu-tps reset and everything worked flawlessly. DHM leaves nothing out so you can be sure when buying any of their products you’ll know exactly what needs to be done . Not to mention the gains from the cam/ecu kit. Huge improvement over stock performance and absolutely best bang for the buck on grom performance mods. - Brady Sparrow