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Honda CRF110 High Compression Stock Bore Piston


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DHM’s stock bore high comp piston is ready to add some low end grunt, solid mid range, and more overrev to your CRF110! Re-use your stock cylinder and drop this piston it to raise effective compression which helps the bike become snappier, more responsive and faster all around. 

  • Direct drop in
  • High compression 12.5:1 dome
  • Multiple oiling holes for skirt and ring lubrication
  • Valve reliefs to clear big valve 27/22 cylinder heads
  • Requires tuning, and a minimum octane of 91
  • Base and head gaskets not included

***Set upper silver ring gap to .008" and lower black ring gap to .010"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Faster Minis
Always Great Service

Fast Shipping and easy to order. A+

Cameron Jones
Definitely worth it if you want more low end power!

Picked up 10% across the entire rpm range on the dyno with much better throttle response especially in the lower rpm range. Can't recommend this part enough for a stock or built bike!


good piston

tight fit in the cylinder

testing on the dyno next week

only a huge pity that they have included the payment receipt while I order from the Netherlands

result that I have to pay a lot of import duties