DHM Reflash and TB Cam Package (Stage 2)

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I love it, only thing is 4th gear is basically useless bit of a surprise there, but third is so long now you can get to 60 mph. I was able to get 74 on the speedo going downhill and in a tuck the power this gave at top end is great

Kevin Russell
First ride

Did my first ride on the monkey with the TB exhaust, TB cam, DHM high compression piston and DHM cam. Didn’t go over 7k but it pulls hard. The ecu still needs more time and I need to break in the rings and get them seated well. After I took out the 2019 Monkey I went out on my 100% stock 2022 Grom. Yes the monkey pulls harder. Time to upgrade the Grom.

Justin Baer
2015 grom

Super happy with the product and customer service. Turn around time is fast and they give you a tracking number on return. My grom is stage 2. So I have intake exhaust and the TB cam. It runs fantastically! I have another grom that’ll be getting similar treatment through DHM.

Stage 2

Like everything DHM sells, this will not disappoint. Gave my bike a nice power gain around 6500rpm to the new redline. Well worth the small price tag!

Go Go with Stage 2

If you are looking to stay stockish, this is it.

Easy install. Just take your time and make sure you line up to TDC. I did presoak the cam in oi, torqued everything down and turned the engine a couple of times to make sure I wasn't off a tooth.

Bike started no issues, there is some cam noise but nothing major. If you are using the stock tappets, it will adjust right to the edge. Emailed David and he confirmed is will be all good. His communication is amazing. I also rechecked them after 2 rides and they were fine.

As per recommendation, I swapped out the front sprocket to a 14t to pick up acceleration. Im still breaking it in. With each ride I see it's getting better.bike revés up 10000. 4th gear is long... pick up is nice maintaining 50 or 60 is a breeze. I know the speedo is off about 5%. So I got 71 for a few seconds, didn't try to hold it, so that's about 68 mph. I didn't take long to get there. Reminder it's a grom (125cc), don't expect 1000rr performance.

Flash seems on point. No issues there, don't forget to reset. Plus I have full faith that if there is an issue David will make it right.

For reference, I do have a DNA air filter with DHM Koso Throttle body tube mode, Two Bros Hurricane Exhaust, speed shop tensioner arm upgrade, and the decha manual tensioner, yss rear shock, racetech springs, mnnthx swingarm bushings upgrade. I just cruise around or commute.

**Cams are in stock and shipping!

***If you already own a DCR or TB camshaft you can still purchase our Reflash for those mods here: https://www.dhmotoring.com/products/stage1reflash


If your Grom already has an intake and exhaust, this is the next step!

We've created a camshaft package that allows you to add a TB camshaft and our DHM Reflash to your bike. This will add as much as 2-3hp and will also increase your rev limit to 10,000 rpm, while also correcting the fuel and timing tables in your ecu. Your Grom will experience much stronger high RPM power, as well as the ability to pull to higher RPM before shifting. After tons of dyno and street testing, we feel this it the best bang for buck upgrade available! 

Corrected Air/Fuel ratio for your exact modifications
Increased ignition timing for throttle response and HP
13+ HP depending on your intake and exhaust setup
10,000rpm rev limiter
Normal cold start functions (no bad idle issues when cold)

DHM Reflash (more info here)
TB Parts Camshaft

You have two purchase options for delivery. Once you've completed the purchase, we will email you with instructions on sending your ECU in to be reflashed. You can also choose to purchase a core ecu, we will send you a flashed ecu and you can return your original one and receive a $50 credit or keep it as a back up. 


Cam Installation: