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Best Grom Mod, Totally made the bike com alive

Best Grom Mod, Totally made the bike com alive

Customer service

Always answered my questions and were really helpful.

"Welsh Gromster"

David from DHM was great, he gave all the info I needed especially when the Rev counter didn't work after the new ECU. (Euro model Grom).
I've only done 22 miles since fitting the TB cam, ECU and High compression piston from DHM plus a "Dinger" short intake with a K&N filter and a Lextec exhaust. Theres loads more grunt on the hills, although taking easy with the bits, but first impressions are good.
It's still only a 125 but Harley riders should look out!
A pleased 58 year old Welshman.
Thank you DHM.

Very happy

Bought the ECU and Cam shipped my ECU Monday and got the ecu and cam the same week. Couldn’t be happier

Tb cam dhm flash package

The items arrived and performed like advertised, the performance gains were noticeable. I paid for for usps priority mail but arrived later than I expected. Overall satisfied with my purchase, could use more stickers tho 😛

**Cams are in stock and shipping!

***If you already own a DCR or TB camshaft you can still purchase our Reflash for those mods here: https://www.dhmotoring.com/products/stage1reflash

If your Grom already has an intake and exhaust, this is the next step!

We've created a camshaft package that allows you to add a TB camshaft and our DHM Reflash to your bike. This will add as much as 2-3hp and will also increase your rev limit to 10,000 rpm, while also correcting the fuel and timing tables in your ecu. Your Grom will experience much stronger high RPM power, as well as the ability to pull to higher RPM before shifting. After tons of dyno and street testing, we feel this it the best bang for buck upgrade available! 

DHM Reflash (more info here)
TB Parts Camshaft

You have two purchase options for delivery. Once you've completed the purchase, we will email you with instructions on sending your ECU in to be reflashed. You can also choose to purchase a core ecu, we will send you a flashed ecu and you can return your original one and receive a $50 credit or keep it as a back up. 


Cam Installation: