DHM Stage 2 Flash and S1 Cam Package (2022+ Grom / Monkey)

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Michael Corder

Turn around was quick and cam and ECU went in with no issues.

The whole truth...

So first off, there's a whole lot of bent truths around this modification and I want to clear the air for anyone so you can have realistic expectations.

Install: I installed this on my 2024 along with the MNNTHBX MTake and Yoshi exhaust. I have no sprocket modifications or any other engine mods period. The install was straightforward but be VERY careful not to bind your cam gear when lining things up, and you'll likely need a lever on the back of the gear to get her to slide back into place. You will need to remove nearly every plastic on the bike and it will take you (being conservative) about two hours to do. It was suggested from DHM to set the valve clearances at .005 inches and also to run 10w40 oil and at least 91 octane. I did siphon the gas and changed the oil after the install. Be careful setting the valve clearances to avoid valve lashing, once you set them, make sure the .006 won't fit and the .005 does without a lot of friction, this is pretty important as I noticed a difference after doing it a second time (I had a feeling the valves weren't closing fully when running it and it was set closer to .003 after tightening so glad I checked).

Performance: I have a good benchmark as I have three groms and a buddy who can race alongside me. Prior to install, my buddy on my SF was literally right alongside me from a stop or rolling start, tied in a race in every measurable way pretty much. After install and dialing everything in, I can easily say the bike is faster in low all of the way up to high rpms and its not even close. The bike does "feel" faster, but it was actually a lot faster than I felt it was in the race.

Speed: For what everyone is really wondering, the top speed is really not any different, the TRUTH. Getting to top speed is faster, and the bike has more torque so fifth gear is more accessible than before. Hills are easier, I downshift less, and if I wanted to wheely, it's easier. The bike is just a much better feel all around, but DON'T expect to be rolling 75mph on this, it just isn't realistic. I can get to 70 on a long flat, full tuck, and weigh 155-160. It just gets there faster!

Communication: Dave is absolutely fantastic at getting back, every single time. Thanks so much Dave, so happy with the purchase and will now be ordering stuff for my SF.

Jordon Coffey
S1 cam an flash

Best upgrade you can do hands down ! Super easy to order a didn’t wait long to get my ecu back great service !

Rick Crawford
2023 Honda Grom

I purchased the DHM Stage 2 Flash and S1 Cam Package for my 2023 Honda Grom. The staff was extremely polite and helpful. My items shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Installation was a breeze. I highly recommend working with the folks at DHM and purchasing this upgrade if you have a Honda Grom. It woke my Grom up! Increased throttle response, rpm and top speed! It's a different bike!

It’s a whole new bike now!

It’s worth every penny! The bike runs so much better now. It pulls hard on the top end now where it used to die off and just be super flat on power up top. The cams torque curve is great and around the 7k mark you can really feel the motor come to life. Anyone debating on a cam should just buy it now. You won’t be disappointed at all. The smile it puts on your face the first time you rev it out will be huge. It’s so much more fun to ride the little Grom now! I find myself grinning every time I take off and rev the bike out each gear. It will honestly surprise you. Install is also super easy with a handful of YouTube videos for anyone having doubts if they can install it. If you can change the oil in your bike then you can install the cam.

If your 2022 Grom/Monkey already has an intake and exhaust, this is the next step!

We've created a camshaft package that allows you to add our S1 camshaft and our DHM Reflash to your bike. This will add as much as 2-3hp and increase your rev limit to 10,000 rpm, while also correcting the fuel and timing tables in your ecu. Your Grom will experience increased power across the entire rev range, as well as the ability to pull to higher RPM before shifting. After tons of dyno and street testing, we feel this it the best bang for buck upgrade available! 


  • Corrected Air/Fuel ratio for your exact modifications
  • Increased ignition timing for throttle response and HP
  • Modified injection timing for ride ability and response
  • 13+ HP depending on your intake and exhaust setup
  • 10,000rpm rev limiter 
  • Normal cold start functions (no bad idle issues when cold)


  • DHM S1 Camshaft
  • DHM Reflash for the S1 camshaft and other modifications

You have two purchase options for delivery. Once you've completed the purchase, we will email you with instructions on sending your ECU in to be reflashed. You can also choose to purchase a core ecu, we will send you a flashed ecu and you can return your original one and receive a $75 credit or keep it as a back up. 


Cam Installation: