DHM S1 Camshaft for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey (Generation 2)

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DHM Cam awsome

The new Cam just added more life to the engine...it runs better than ever!

Top Grom’n
It works awesome!

My bike screams now up to 70+ mph! Power is all over the place and now it’s even more fun to ride. Domo arigato. 🙏

Bob K
Great upgrade!

If you are on the fence about getting this cam, just do it. I picked up a solid 5-7 mph on my top end and the bike is much more useable throughout all speeds. 3rd gear is insane now and I'm 245 lbs, it truly rips in 3rd at speeds up to 53 mph before rev limiter cuts in and I think that could even be raised a little bit more but may require a valve spring upgrade. I also got the dhm flash upgrade to go with this cam, my exhaust and intake. Bike feels great and is just so much more fun over how it was stock. The install was very simple, one suggestion to make it easier to get cam gear and chain lined back up is to clean the chain with some brake clean once you have things all lined up on TDC and a rag and then mark it with permanent marker. Trickiest part of install was getting the cam gear lined up with my marks on the chain and getting it back on, but even that wasn't a huge deal. I was done start to finish in under 30 minutes. Thanks DHM

Jeff O

Fast shipping…very well made. thank you

Buckets Keebler
S1 cam upgrade, hands down best upgrade so far!

Gotta say that the cam woke my grom up from a deep a$$ sleep it was in after leaving the factory. If your on the fence just fall off it, trust me when I say it’s worth it

After testing multiple different variations of cams for the 2022 Grom, we've settled on this setup for stock bore and big bore bikes. We have maximized the lift using the stock valves and combined that with a very rideable duration that produces gains at every RPM in the rev range. 

DHM S1 Camshaft

  • Highest possible lift with stock valves
  • Gains across the entire rev range
  • +1-2HP over a bike with only intake/exhaust
  • Direct drop-in installation
  • Set valve clearance to .005” / .005”

Generation 2 Updates

  • Removable big bearing for ease of install
  • Duration adjustment to help tip in response and idle noise
  • Stronger heat treatment to increase overall durability

A tune is required to run this cam! We have our ECU flash available HERE and we also offer the aRacer Mini5 if you prefer to do the tuning yourself, available HERE.