DHM S1 Camshaft for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

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Mathew Turner
Great top end power

Didn't make much of a change under 8k RPM, bit smoother however. Where it really shines is between 8K and 10K RPM, makes a ton more power so great for track.

However the ABS light now flashes constantly as soon as I hit the redline start, and does not stop. Obviously had the ECU reflash for this. Does not seem to be an issue rather than being annoying, I don't really want to try slamming the front brakes at 80km/h to see if ABS still works ;P

Sean Banville
10/10 no brainer

Woke the bike right up paired with there ecu flash night and day difference definitely recommend getting the cam and tune

Victor Rivera

DHM S1 Camshaft for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

Night and day difference

Came in early and packaged great woke my grom right up paired to the flash if you thinking about doing just do it worth it all day

Great Cam

Just in the comparison with the stock cam, you can see how much of a difference the lift and duration on the S1 will make. Great product and great customer service!

In regards to the install: The 2022 is different than all the previous models in that it does not have an external cam tensioner bolt which can make getting the cam gear back on quite difficult. As of this review neither the install video below nor the other install video on YouTube address this issue, they literally skip over it despite it being the only major difference in the install. Without being able to release the cam chain tension it makes getting things together appear impossible.

What you have to do is you need to set the timing to TDC, line up the T with the hash in the timing view port and make sure the circle is lined up with the casing mark on the cam gear. Then mark the chain link that lines up with the circle on the gear with a black sharpie. At that point you'll remove the cam, replace it as per the videos, then put the gear back in the chain with the circle and the sharpie link matched up again, get the chain around the gear, face the notch on the camshaft forward, then pull the gear so that it starts to line up but it won't reach with the tension on the chain, at that point take a short pry bar, put a little piece of rubber around it (the rubber isn't necessary but it does prevent scratching things), stick it between the gear and the casing to the right side of the opening, as in the side of the gear that doesn't have the chain wrapped around it, and literally just apply a bit of pressure with the prybar, this will pop the gear onto the shaft and hopefully if you lined the notches up the notch on the gear will slide into the slot on the cam. All done, easy peasy.

I don't know why no one chose to show this but it took me quite a bit of struggle to figure out. After I sorted it out it was obvious, but before that it took me a while to realize so I'm just trying to save other people some time. It took me literally 10 minutes to do the 2nd grom after I spent an hour figuring it out the 1st one. 😂🤣 Hope this helps someone!

After testing multiple different variations of cams for the 2022 Grom, we've settled on this setup for stock bore and big bore bikes. We have maximized the lift using the stock valves and combined that with a very rideable duration that produces gains at every RPM in the rev range. 

DHM S1 Camshaft

  • Highest possible lift with stock valves
  • Gains across the entire rev range
  • +1-2HP over a bike with only intake/exhaust
  • Direct drop-in installation
  • Set valve clearance to .005” / .005”

A tune is required to run this cam! We have our ECU flash available HERE and we also offer the aRacer Mini5 if you prefer to do the tuning yourself, available HERE.