DHM Stage 3 Kit for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

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Scott Kyro
Stage 3 Kit for the 2022 Honda Grom

Easy install, fun to ride, and awesome to show off!

As straight forward as this kit is to install, take your time and be diligent. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to work on these engines. Installing the Stage 3 Kit was a saving grace and it absolutely woke up my Grom. They'll send some guidelines with the kit as well.

When it comes to performance, no longer does my Grom slow down on inclines; as a matter of fact, I was able to keep up doing 60 uphill in the mountains of North Carolina and hit 70ish+ on a flat straight away. The power is there, along with a gnarly sound. I have the MNNTHBX Intake and Yoshi exhaust. Don't be intimidated though, any exhaust will do as long as you tell them which one you have as quite a few of the exhausts out there can get pricey for the Grom.

If you have a 2022+ Grom or Monkey and the spare cash, I would absolutely get the Stage 3 Kit for them.

Jason Mullis
Straight forward install

Easy and fired on first pop. Take ur time on rings and you will be satisfied. Woke my bike right up

Lugert Performance
Awesome company and awesome parts

I’ve used this kit 3 times now, it’s always awesome. Easy to order and great gains on performance. I will be ordering more! Thank you

Justin Bradley
Stage 3 kit for 2022 grom

Purchased a stage 3 kit and sent in my ecu for tuning service was fast and easy. After installing the kit in my bike it definitely gave it what needed.definitely recommend 100 octane fuel if available it seems to run smoother

Trailovingchevy (
Grom high compression kit

I have not gotten a chance put it on but I am sure like everything I get from you is fantastic

**Professional install is highly recommended. Ring gaps must be set, and base gaskets must be installed properly. Setup sheet is included. 

The DH Motoring Stage 3 Package includes the following:

Combined with your aftermarket intake and exhaust, this is the most you can get out of your Grom without doing any head work. After dyno testing we were repeatedly seeing 13hp at the wheels (SAE) run after run! The Stage 3 package makes more power than a stock Grom at every RPM and double the horsepower at 9000+ rpm! 91 octane fuel is absolutely required. Any fuel with a lower octane rating may result in engine damage!

You can choose to receive a preflashed ECU instead of sending yours in ($95 extra), or you can send yours in to be flashed.