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Avail Motorsports Cam Cover Crankcase / Vent Cap

Color - Anodize Clear
Include hose and UNI breather filter

.Looking for an additional crankcase vent for your Honda Grom/Monkey, but don't want to give up your cool looking aftermarket cam cover? This is your solution!

Designed to be leak proof and stand the test of time, the AvailMS Cam Cover Vent won't leave you feeling light in your wallet and adds an additional crank vent necessary for high performance and big bore builds. Baffles have been carefully placed to avoid oil pickup from windage, and make the most of your ventilation.

Made with 6061 aluminum and protected with a bead blast and natural anodized finish, you have no worries of corrosion. Included is an additional OEM O-ring, new stainless hardware, and a interchangeable 5/16ths hose barb anodized in black. Simply bolt on with your choice of cam cover and ride!

**Optional silicone hose and breather filter now available! 

Now comes in Anodized Black. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jim H
Well made!

I put a Big Bore kit on my 2023 Honda Grom, and they suggest a crankcase breather when making this mod. This setup works great and looks good on the bike.

Pete bandholz

Looks great, works great, and installs easily. Have 200+ miles hitting 10k RPM a lot more than I should, and with mounting the optional filter and tube higher than the cam cover I haven’t had a drop of oil come through, so no need for a catch can.

Greg Spooner
Greg Spooner. Australia monkey 22+ next gen

DHM thanks from Australia. First order st1 cam and ecu flash to suite intake,and exhaust. Arrived in10 days. Great service,worked perfectly. So good decided to go next stage,149cc kit. With an ecu reflash. Again arrived in10 days,Power increase is now exactly what they quoted.. double std hp .fantastic fun,so good , l will now try another ecu reflash because there programs work perfectly,and are on the safer side,you are not buying a hand grenade tune,and give there reworked head a try. I know I won’t be disappointed. Do your shelf a favour buy the best,don’t waste money on the rest..

Jon Short
Very impressed

Just installed this stage 3 kit and I'm very impressed with how much thus woke up my Grom. With the flashed ecm, it runs so much better. Throttle response is crisp, engine sounds healthy. Only issue I had was the base gasket provided in the kit did not fit very well. Had to force the gasket over the dowl pins but nothing major. Best ban for your buck for a mild Grom build.

Corey Cramer
Very cool piece 👍🏻

I hooked ot up with underseat catch can and seems to be doing the job my bike isnt puffing smoke no more so really happy with it 👍🏻