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The Speed Shop Black Roller Bearing Tensioner Arm for the Honda Grom / Monkey


The Speed Shop has released the latest solution to the failure prone tensioner system in the 2014-2021 Honda Grom and Monkey engines now in black.

They’ve utilized a true roller bearing system which is far superior to the journal bearing designs. This prevents failures at higher RPMs and is a bulletproof system when paired with the Decha Manual Tensioner system. 

Customer Reviews

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Joshua Giese
Just buy it!

Easy installation and a significantly better design than stock. My factory rubber rollers were showing signs of wear at 2,000 miles


Great product. A no-brainer for me. 


Shipping speed good, (Australia) but I purchased the wrong one. I did search 2022 grom, this is what came up. I opened up my bike to find its not for my grom. Luckily I have a friends grom I'm fixing that i can put it in.

Travis Fultz
Speedshop tensioner arm

Good product. Many more miles on the grom now.

Quality for peace of mind

Newly acquired a used and abused 2019 Grom. Slowly rebuilding and keeping "stockish" with a few upgrade to stock (no bbk) for a lil more solid performance.

After several forums mentioned the tensioner arm failing, I upgraded it for peace of mind. Went with the speed shop after weighing options. Love the metal gears more than hard plastic. Also like the bearing because it takes wear off the screw that could fail and cause a bigger problem. Quality is very nice. OEM arm rubber was coming apart.

Paired it with the decha manual tensioner (OEM cap had a deep dent, tension was changing) and a takegawa 4th bearing support. Install is easy as long as you have the tools to remove flywheel.

Did the upgrades because I upgraded to a tb cam with dhm ecu reflash package, and a drop in DNA Air filter with dhm koso tube mod). Already had a two bros exhaust. Eventually will add in the dhm stock bore high piston and stage 3 flash. So everything is supported and ready.

Shipping was fast. David communicates very quickly. Was looking at another service provider, but DHMs quick customer service earned my loyalty.