The Speed Shop Black Roller Bearing Tensioner Arm for the Honda Grom / Monkey

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The very best

The very best chain tensioner available.

Timothy Black

As a Owner of a 2014 OG With a 2015 motor swap I find it ridiculous How many tensioners my bike ate thru Finally Received and installed these speed shop parts and I have to be honest I am running the stock tensioner with koso Cap but (plan to install manual later) but the peace of mind knowing this one wont blow up anytime soon i have been thru so many koso's and OEM tensioners this is the best 100+ i even spent on my little grom and now i can run all around texas highways without worrying about Is the tensioner gonna blow up today THANK YOU DHM AND SPEED SHOP FOR KEEPING YOUR PROMISE FOR NOTHING BUT THE BEST !!!!

Adam S.
Speed Shop for the win!

Must need for any bbk. If you are still running a koso switch it out asap.

Lars D.
Best bulletproof solution

Replaced the Takegawa cam chain tensioner by this Speed Shop roller bearing tensioner arm for the Honda Monkey. Thought the Take tensioner had worn out which it hadn’t but with the Speed Shop I won’t have to worry any more. Together with the Decha manual tensioner, this is the best, bulletproof replacement for the weak stock tensioner that is available on the market. Highly recommended!

Top notch quality, as expected!

Come on here, this is DHM. You really think they're gonna sell any junk that's not up to the DHM standard, ha, ha? The Speed Shop did a great job of updating the design on a common part to fail in these engines when we start to push the limits or even stack on those miles. If you're considering this part for your build, do it. There really isn't a better tensioner out there that you can buy, there just isn't! #grombeardoapproved

The Speed Shop has released the latest solution to the failure prone tensioner system in the 2014-2021 Honda Grom and Monkey engines now in black.

They’ve utilized a true roller bearing system which is far superior to the journal bearing designs. This prevents failures at higher RPMs and is a bulletproof system when paired with the Decha Manual Tensioner system.