aRacer RC Mini X Standalone ECU for 2022+ Honda Grom


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Bought the mini x and af2 with high expectations and they were all met and exceeded. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to tune their grom for a little extra power

Sean Whitelock
ARacer Mini X (2022 Monkey)

ARacer is by far the easiest way to tune these bikes, expensive, yes, But worth if if you like changing things, I’m always trying new things with these bikes, Have a mini 5 in my grom, Always trying different bore kits, cams, intakes and exhausts, so have auto tune is pretty benificial! Dhm had it to my door in Canada in under 24h, unreal!

Aaron E
Fast shipping and easy purchasing options

The unit came within a week. Shipping is fast with DHMotoring. I like the ability to use Afterpay on the high dollar items.

Paul Perry
By far the best grom ecu

David has helped with multiple bikes,very knowledgeable.
Thank you

Stand out service and support from DHM

Aracer mini x its a premium product it works well does what it says on the can. Seems expensive at first but if you mod quite a bit being so flexable it quickly pays for itself. Bike is running well.

ARacer RCmini X is a Complete engine management system that allows you to make all adjustments via wifi to your smartphone/tablet. Pair this up with the correct fuel injector size and you could easily tune your engine to run.   Tuning could be done on a dyno (highly recommended) or safely on a backroad/street using a wideband o2 gauge and sensor with the autotune function.    Optional AF2 option is available and recommended to be used with the RCmini X to have the ECU Auto-Tune.  

RC Mini X ECU Hardware Features:

  • A quicker 4-core MCU computing speed processor (200% increase!)
  • Built-in wifi connectivity with 360-degree antenna (20% connection strength)
  • Redesigned external wiring which allows direct connection to AF2 module and/or quick-shifter

RC MiniX ECU Software Features:

  • FREE APP DOWNLOAD! No longer required to pay $16 for the Aracer Smart App
  • Improved AutoTune fuel adjustments and feedback with the use of the AF2
  • Each ECU has an exclusive ID, which the users can pay by credit card online to unlock special add-on options
  • WiFi connection allows for Laptop or SmartPhone connection
  • QuickBurn (Flash) is shortened by 200% (less than 60 seconds)

RC Mini X Function Features:

  • TCS traction function
  • The original factory is not equipped with TCS, and it can be easily started in the rainy and slippery state after it is turned on
  • The original factory is equipped with TCS, which can provide 3 stages adjustable
  • 3rd segment original narrowband O2 sensor fuel correction
  • Adjustable fuel injection timing
  • Response Button power response MAP adjustment → After the upgrade, open and hide the 3 target air-fuel & ignition angle diagrams
  • Guided idle speed setting
  • Guided quick discharge trigger pressure setting
  • New style Backfire/Idle loop control
  • New analysis tools 
RCmini X ECU 
  1. Brand-new 4-core MCU, the computing speed is increased by 200%
  2. 20x17 (RPM x TPS%) fuel adjustment
  3. 20x9 (RPM x TPS%) ignition angle adjustment (pay to open another 2 MAP)
  4. Manifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculation
  5. Environment temp and Baro compensation available
  6. Increase Rev Limit. Pit Limit.
  7. Increase almost 10% above power after calibration (depend on engine model)
  8. Easy plugin (remove stock ECU and install RC1 ECU without any harness modified)
  9. Same connector as stock ECU
  10. RCmini 5 ECU meet IP67 specs
  11. Support Auto-Tune with aRacer AF2 wideband sensor module
  12. Built-in Wi-Fi and 360-degree antenna design (no additional wiring required), the connection signal strength is increased by 20%