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Firepower Lightweight Lithium Race Battery


DHM is proud to offer Firepower lightweight racing batteries for the Grom platform! 

We run these in all of our race bikes as they are a cost effective way to lose weight and also increase overall cranking amperage. You will save over 2lbs off the top of the bike by swapping to a Firepower lithium.  Lithium batteries hold a longer charge and provide more starting power for both stock and modified engines. 

We offer two different batteries for the Grom, one with 120 cold cranking amps, and the other with 145 cold cranking amps (The stock Grom battery only has 65 cold crank amps!). The 120 is recommended for stock bore (including high compression setups) applications and the 145 is recommended for big bore applications. 


  • Stock Grom Battery 65 - 3.5lbs
  • Firepower 120 - 1.0lbs
  • Firepower 145 - 1.2lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alexander Cabrera
Lithium race battery perfect

Cory Fisher
Haven’t tried yet

Haven’t put it in yet but the fact that’s it’s over double the crank amps of the stock battery I’m sure it’ll be awesome!