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DHM Freedom Fighter 200 Stage 1 ECU Flash


We've spent hundreds of hours developing the tune for this bike to provide a solution to running your Fighter without the factory baffle and with an aftermarket intake system. The result is over a 2hp gain at high rpm with tons of extra mid range torque over the stock bike while delivering smooth performance on and off throttle. One of our primary focuses was providing smooth power delivery and ride ability in the lower RPMs at lower throttle positions. The Freedom 200 comes from the factory with an aggresive cam profile that makes low rpm performance and ride ability difficult to tame, but we've got it dialed and the entire powerband is now extremely smooth.

  • Dyno tuned and developed in house
  • Safe Air/Fuel ratios
  • Optimized ignition timing tables
  • 400rpm rev limit increase
  • 87-Octane compatible 
  • ***Tuning is required when removing the factory baffle and/or installing an aftermarket intake system

Our tune pairs great with our Billet Intake System

***You will need to mail us your ECU after purchasing the tune. Once you complete checkout you will receive a confirmation email that includes the instructions to mail the ECU in. Once we receive it we will flash it and send it back out in 1-2 business days. 

Dyno Data

Green: Bone Stock
Blue: DHM Tune, Baffle in Stock Exhaust, Stock Intake
Brown: DHM Tune, Exhaust Baffle Removed, Stock Intake
Red: DHM Tune, Exhaust Bafflre Removed, DHM Intake

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Scott Jobin
great stuff

great people!!