DHM Titanium Axle and Swingarm Kit for the Honda Grom / Monkey

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Eric Scripp
Quality Build

Fast as hell shipping, and even better the product is 10x better than factory

Makes life easy

This kit makes working on the GROM easy. Strong, light and no more pulling the whole axle or swingarm bolt out to change or fix parts.

Lars D.

Bought the front axle set mainly for the purpose of shaving off some grams - which it definitely does. David was helpful as usual and answered all my questions that I had.
Install was easy peasy. Just make sure you have two #16 sockets/ wrenches to properly torque the nuts to OEM’s specs (69 Nm for the 2020 Monkey).

Kevin Truscott

Great customer service


These are a great way to cut weight and add bling at the same time. They’re expensive but you won’t stop thinking about them until you just pull the trigger and buy them. Make sure you have anti-seize and two 16mm sockets as you will need both of them for install. One to hold one side from spinning and the other for your torque wrench. As mentioned in another review, the swing arm bolt is easy to chase the stock bolt out. Just make sure you jack up the rear just to the point of having weight off of it. Really easy install. They’re just another beautiful part to look at when your sitting in the garage admiring your beast or out riding and showing your bike off. Worth the money!

Use Honda’s torque specs and anti-seize on threads.
Front axle 40ft-lbs, rear axle 44ft-lbs, swing arm 40 ft-lbs

DH Motoring is excited to announce that after a year of development, our titanium axle and swingarm bolt kit is finally in production! All shafts and nuts are manufactured from Grade 5 6al-4v titanium for high strength and low weight. Titanium is noticeably lighter than steel and still extremely strong.

Both axles and swingarm bolt have threaded ends that accept a nut on each side, in comparison to the stock setup which consists of a standard bolt with a single nut. The double-nut design allows you to service one side at a time without having to remove the entire bolt. This is helpful when replacing or working on rearsets and/or axle sliders! No more awkwardly holding the bike up trying to pull the swingarm bolt to replace a broken or damaged rearset!

Each axle including both nuts weigh 4.3oz lighter than their steel counterparts. When using all three you can expect a 13oz savings over stock (just over 3/4lb). 

Due to the nature of galling when using titanium hardware, we manufactured these with a 1.5 thread pitch instead of the OEM 1.25 pitch in order to keep the threads as smooth as possible. In addition, anti-seize compound should be used on the threads when installing. 

Product Features:

  • Grade 5 6al-4v titanium
  • M12x1.5 thread
  • Double nut design, to allow servicing of one side of the bike without removing the entire axle.
  • Lightweight, 4.8oz per axle lighter than the stock bolt
  • 16mm Hex head (compared to 19mm OEM) on the nuts to allow any socket to fit with aftermarket rearsets or axle sliders.
  • Uses OEM torque spec, but requires the use of anti seize on threads