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DHM Stock Airbox Mod Kit for Honda Grom (does not fit Monkey)

Add Koso Tube
Add Koso Hurricane Filter

The DH Motoring Stock Airbox Mod Kit will allow you to maintain your stock airbox but with the flow of an aftermarket intake! This is perfect for sleeper builds or for offroad riders that want the protection of a sealed box instead of an open filter. Using a KOSO intake tube that was originally designed for their 34mm throttle body, we've developed a billet eccentric adapter that allows the tube to be used on the stock throttle body.  

You can purchase the kit in different configurations if you already own certain parts:

  • Adapter Only (If you already own a Koso tube)
  • Adapter and Tube (If you plan on keeping your stock filter or already own drop in filter)
  • Adapter and Filter (If you already have a Koso tube but need a Koso filter)
  • Adapter, Tube, and Filter (the entire kit if your airbox is completely stock)

Key Features:

  • 6061 machined aluminum adapter
  • Stainless steel set screw for corrosion resistance
  • OEM-Styled larger inlet tube 
  • Optional Koso Hurricane high flow air filter for the stock airbox
  • Increased top speed 
  • Increase throttle response 
  • Increased HP and Torque 
  • Retains OEM Intake temp sensor placement
  • Retains stock airbox for increased protection against the elements

If you don't already have our flash, this setup along with your aftermarket exhaust pairs extremely well with our Stage 1 Reflash or Cam Package!



Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Suck, squeeze, bang, blow! More suck!

Put the stock airbox mod kit on a ported and polished standard TB that’s been bored out to 28mm. Well crafted, fits nicely, noticeable performance benefits. Received in the UK within a couple of days of postage. Makes me happy.

stephane piasco
can be perfect .....not completelly.

motorcycle much more pleasant, much more flexible, reflash ECU and intake tube kozo 175 dollars, 150 dollars of shipments and taxes (france), as we say at home, "it hurts the ass".
overall satisfied with the transaction.

Marco M

I like it!!!

Dominic St-Pierre
No brainer buy

I bought this to pair with the stage one reflash for my 2020 Grom. I wanted the oem look with the power gain. It is SO GOOD. The fitment is perfect and you hear the intake sounds like crazy. The performance gain is very pleasing. It woke the bike up and multiplied the Grom fun factor by 2.

Very pleased with the turnaround time and customer service as well.

Keep it up! You guys are great.

Stock airbox mod with a stock air filter

I installed both Koso airbox tubes using a dremmel to make the holes bigger. The whole job took 1-1/2 hours including removing and reinstalling the body panels. I’ve put 50 miles on it and can’t be happier. I CAN hear a difference but it isn’t much different from the stock sound. I don’t like induction noise and this mod didn’t make the bike louder to ride. If you want more air and a small performance improvement this is it. You won’t be disappointed with the noise level. Next is a cam and tune.