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Honda Monkey Stage 3 | DHM Piston, ECU Reflash, and Decha HR Camshaft

Core ECU

We're proud to release our Stage 3 package for the Honda Monkey! If you already have an intake and exhaust, this package can take you to the next step. If you already have a cam, even better!

Stage 3 Includes:

  • DHM 13.2:1 High Compression Piston
  • DHM Stage 3 ECU Flash
  • Decha HR Camshaft (can be purchased without if you already own one)

Check out our Blog post on the development of this package here!

This package picks up a 65% HP gain over a bone stock bike, and netted us nearly 14hp at the wheels! It does require that you have your own aftermarket intake and exhaust system. 

**91 Octane fuel or higher is required!

You will be required to either send your ECU in to be flashed, or pay a separate core fee to receive a preflashed ECU. 

**Existing customers can check the drop down menu for savings if you already own our Stage 1 flash, or Cam Package.

Install video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Daniel Herrera
Great Job DHM

So i have yet to install this kit on my Monkey. But i have a stage 3 kit on my grom and absolutely love it. Ive ridden about 2000 miles on the kits and have no complains. Im heavy aroudn 240 and it moves my fat ass absolutely will recommend. Totally worth it for the money.

Sean R.
Great performance upgrade

This is a very good deal for those wanting to add more torque and top end power. This is a complete kit and anyone with basic mechanical skills can install it. The reflashed ECU from DHM works well to make the most of the new Cam and High Compression Piston, which is very well made by the way. I can really tell with the cam that it is sucking in more air from my Chimera Intake as it is literally making a wooshing sound as it sucks in air when applying the throttle. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to get the most out of the stock size displacement.

Phornsavanh Kaeovongphet
Monkey stage 3

Awesome product, huge difference from stock. I would recommend this kit.

Paul Vallejo
Worth the money

This kit (with the addition of a scorpion exhaust and chimera intake) has reduced a group of middle aged men into giggling children. With a full tank of 93.5 (98ron) the monkey got me (146lb/66ish kg) up a slight incline doing 57mph in 2nd gear. Installation was straight forward enough, with all parts included including some much nicer wrist pin clips than the annoying stock ones. Make sure to adjust the valves as per the provided sheet rather than the values stated in the workshop manual

Brandon Cheney
Made my Money 125 feel like my CRF250l

Absolutely great power! This with exhaust and intake took me from 52-55 untucked to 65-67mph!