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DHM S2 Race Camshaft for the 2022+ Honda Grom / Monkey

Upgrade Springs and Retainers

The DHM S2 Race camshaft targets high RPM performance. It sacrifices some low end low rpm performance in exchange for a strong mid and top end pull. Upgraded valve springs and retainers are included and must be installed for this camshaft to function properly. Installation without these parts will cause engine damage. 

DHM S2 Camshaft for the 2022-2023 Honda Grom / Monkey

  • Highest possible lift with stock valves
  • Significant high RPM gains
  • Requires the use of included springs and retainers
  • Set valve clearance to .005” / .005”

    Pairs well with our 2022 Ported Cylinder Head

    A standalone ECU is required to run this camshaft. We do not offer ECU flashes for this cam at this time. 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Michael Ivory
    Up graded Cam

    Sorry DH Motoring, I have not been able to install this cam as of now. Wait for your ported head and when will install both S2cam, head and the A2 Racer stiff. I will be glad to let you know what I think after I get to use it.

    Richie Hernandez

    to much ramp up

    Matt Guercia
    Aggressive sound and big too end gains

    This cam is night and day compared to the S1. While the S1 made noticeable gains, this one makes mid to top end feel like a completely different bike. The tone of the bike is completely different as well. Much deeper and sounds much more aggressive especially when in power band. Highly recommend if you want to take power gains to the next level