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DHM 2-Valve Grom Titanium Retainers (2014-2020)


DHM Titanium Retainer kit for 2-valve heads (2014-2020 only)

DH Motoring is now offering the first titanium retainer kit to market for the Honda Grom. Our titanium retainers are machined out of 6AL4V titanium to provide an extremely light and strong option for high revving engines. Weighing in at just over 3 grams they are nearly half the weight of the stock retainer. For motors that see repeated high RPM use, these retainers will help prevent valve float and also free up some high end horsepower! We run these on all of our race motors and they are recommended for any 2-valve motor that's revving above the stock limiter.

Customer Reviews

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One broke first day

Jay jarman
Titanium retainers

Ordered them thinking I had some valve float and knew lighter retainers would help that. Turns out it wast valve float. Lol. Anyway installed these when I installed the dhm high comp piston. Great quality parts super light compared to stock. Have only put a few miles on the bike since the install. But for the money the added piece of mind knowing I've got them super light retainers is nice. Will it effect power? Maybe. Are they cool as hell. Definitely.

Philip L
DHM valve spring retainers

DHM's Grom titanium valve spring retainers are really nice, couldn't be better, thanks.
When will better rocker arms be available?

Guillermo Ramon
Extreme fast shipping!

I never had a product out of the Us in 7 days at home before!
I live in Europe really fantastic job.
The retainer it self is a quality piece! No more valve float!
Really happy, product quality and shipping!

Quality product

Great option for low buck 2V builds that want to maximize HP on a budget!