DHM High Compression Stock Bore Piston and Cylinder

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Great piston

This is a great piston and good price, noticeable improvement. Very happy with the purchase and customer service

Best HiComp Piston out there!

Added this piston, cam, and ecu to a otherwise stock grom and it rips for a 125cc. No issues at all and the bike has been very abused as its a stunt grom.

DH Motoring Stock Bore Racing Piston and optional Cylinder Kit

The DHM Race-spec stock bore piston has produced more HP than any other stock bore kit and is the highest compression stock bore piston on the market. It has a high compression dome that is made exclusively for us and isn't available anywhere else. It's gone through extensive testing on the racetrack and has proven to provide the most power possible from the stock bore. 

~13:1 compression 52.4mm stock bore piston
Racing piston ring kit with pins and circlips
Valve reliefs that clear valves up to our 27.5/23.5 cylinder head
Includes a new base gasket, head gasket, and NGK CR9E Iridium spark plug and required spacer
Requires at least 91 octane fuel
New stock bore cylinder (optional)

**Each piston purchased with a cylinder will have the cylinder honed and matched to the piston that it is shipping with. We set the piston to wall clearances as well as the ring gaps so that you don't have to worry about anything when you're ready to install.