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Chimera Short Ram Air Intake System - Honda Monkey 125 (2022+)

by Chimera

Chimera Engineering Short ram air intake system for 2nd generation 2022+ Honda Monkey 125! Direct bolt-on intake system that will allow your 5-Speed Monkey 125 to breathe! Built-in air snorkel that will help increase airflow! Chimera Short Ram Intake retains the OEM IAT sensor so that'll get the most accurate reading. It also recirculates the crankcase breather. This intake design was a perfect fit! The space around the throttle body and the frame is very tight, but Chimera got it done! Chimera Engineering designed this intake to fit with either OEM Exhaust or aftermarket exhaust systems! 

This intake would fit only the 5-speed Monkey 125, which is 2022+, it will not fit the previous year. 


  • Chimera aluminum intake tube
  • IAT harness extension
  • Black stealth filter
  • Silicone coupler with hose clamps

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
24 Monkey GREAT upgrade but just too tight!

I have this in a 24 Honda Monkey, at the time of writing this my only other mod is front sprocket mod. The bike now hits 60 easily. If you are gentle with the throttle you can't even tell it's there, if you twist the happy stick, it sounds like your taking down a canadian goose with your bare hands. Not a bad thing because without an aftermarket exhaust it makes it easier to hear the engine and helps with shift points. HOWEVER, I'm a mechanic / tool guy for a living and I have to say, something changed with the 23 and 24 monkey. This intake is just super tight. I don't mean snug, I mean you're gonna be questioning is it in correctly kind of tight. Having said that, after scratching it a little it all worked out and it's worth every penny as far as performance. Not to mention it looks about as badass as a monkey can look with that K&N hangin out where the suitcase of an airbox use to be. Great intake just too tight for my taste.

Chimera Short Ram Air Intake System - Honda Monkey 125 (2022+

Excellent service and price from DHM, shipped to the UK at reasonable cost. Highly recommend

Edward Allen

Customer service was great. They proactively called me about an item they was back in stock without me asking…no one does that. Top notch service.


Works and looks great

what a service!

the air filter makes the monkey much sportier. very fast delivery, ordered on Friday in Belgium and delivered on Monday. I will definitely come back.