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Decha Performance 2022+ Honda Monkey Stealth Intake Tube

Include 42mm install tool

Decha Performance Intake Tube for the 2022-2024 Honda Monkey Stock Airbox

  • 38mm internal diameter
  • OEM hose ribbed synthetic hose material
  • Fits stock airbox (requires airbox modification
  • Two airbox notches, one fits the 2022+ Honda Grom/Monkey, and the other fits the 2019+ CRF110
  • Gains of nearly 2hp at 9,000rpm

The Decha Performance intake tube replaces the hose that connects your stock airbox to the throttle body. By increasing the internal diameter throughout, you can now have a stock airbox that performs like an aftermarket intake! Using the stock airbox keeps noise levels down and also retains the oem mounts for your side fairings (no more floppy fairings!). The stock airbox is also favored by trail and off-road riders because it has superior water and mud resistance compared to an open filter. 

Optional 42mm stepper bit to help install. Simply use this bit and drill the airbox hole until the entire bit passes through.

**TST Worx lid is NOT compatible with the Monkey Airbox.  

 decha stealth tube grom monkey


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris mandapat
Stage3 build

Had the race head ported and polished
Purchase stage 3 kit and had bit of more mods i did on engine i requested to adjust ecu maping bit richer to compensate my modes end was spot on installed my own wide band to see where my tune is spot on 12.9 wot and ther rest of map 13-13.5 hands down

Adam Chase
Decha intake tube

Fit great and it was a easy install with the additional step up bit they offer. I love this company they are great to work with.

Honda Monkey 2022 Stealth Intake Tube

Easy to assemble with the drill we ordered, unfortunately I haven't used it yet, but the Monkey spins up easier when stationary. the gas acceptance is more direct

Robert Hockman
Good investment

Haven’t used it yet but everything is as presented


It's a little pricey but it does what it's supposed to do.