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Jon w.
Big Valve Head

Just installed the big valve head on 2019 monkey with the 2nd gen high compression piston TB Camshaft and Koso 34mm tb. I had the aracer mini 5 with af1. Bike has more grunt and holds at the sweet spots from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th. Worth the extra to get titanium retainers. Bike sounds and feels great!

John W
Davids the man

David is helpful and answers all questions. Would not hesitate to contact him about anything offered. Great customer service.

adam roman
Head Work

I ordered a 186 race port for a koso intake manifold and Tb. Dave’s has excellent communication, and provides A+ service. Always a pleasure spreading money with people who provide a good product and excellent costumer service. WONT HESITATE TO WORK WITH HIM AGAIN ! THANKS DAVE

If you need headwork DHM is the place.

I ordered a stock valve, street port with ti retainers for my 143cc big bore, I was honestly blown away from the performance that I got from his headwork. It pulls so hard compared to the stock factory head. Im gonna have him make me another with larger valves for my other 143cc Im building and I can't wait to see the difference between the stock valves and larger!

Awsome head to wake up your Grom

This is a great product, made a Hugh performance difference on my bike. What Makes this a great service is the multitude of options on the head, ie, size valves, porting options and matching to what intake you have. I highly recommend this item.

DH Motoring Big-Valve Honda Grom Cylinder Head

These heads are OEM Honda heads that have been modified with larger intake and exhaust valves. We assemble heads with low friction viton seals, dual springs, and offer optional titanium retainers. 

27/23mm valve size - This head has only been confirmed to work with DHM pistons and the TB 186 and Koso 170 pistons. If you would like to use it with a different piston you can send in your piston and we can modify it. This is the largest valve head that will work with the stock bore. 

**Each head includes a spark plug spacer required when running our heads.

        Info about our portwork:

DHM porting is an all out reworking of the intake and exhaust ports. The race port is aimed at maximizing high-rpm horsepower. In many cases we will cut the valve guides and raise the intake port to maximize efficiency. The chamber and shrouds will be modified as well. This is the portwork that we use on all of the race bikes. It has won multiple championships and is the only option if you want to have the most power possible from your 2v Grom head. 

**Allow 2-3 weeks for each head to be built before shipping