DHM 186cc ECU Reflash Service

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Reflash for 186

Quick turnaround, everything always works as it should!

181 2v Takegawa

Used this flash for my 181 kit like David and it runs perfect. Has the stock rev limiter so you may or may not want to ask for that to get bumped up slightly.

Bought the stage 2 flash

Worked great until the dreaded sf crank snap got me. Will be buying a new dhmotoring 186 kit and forged crank for this build v.2

Great Tune bye bye PCV

Was running a power commander 5 with a Takegawa 181cc Kit on my Grom.
With the DHM flash, I ditched the power commander and am running 12.3 A/F ratio throughout the rpm band - timing was advanced and it pulls hard in gears 1-3 - and keeps pulling well into the 9,000’s - the pcv never pulled like that!
I’m 210 lbs.... going to re-sprocket and hopefully get the rpms up throughout the gears....especially in 4th- couldn’t be happier

This service is for customers who already own a 186cc 2v big bore kit and are looking for a tuning solution. This reflash makes 14.5 ft/lbs of torque and 16.5hp when paired with the 186cc kit and an upgraded intake and exhaust system. This reflash requires a PCX150 injector and upgraded intake and exhaust. If you have any further modifications please contact us before ordering.

You can choose to send your ECU in to be flashed, or pay $95 extra for a preflashed ECU.