DHM 186cc ECU Reflash Service

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John C
Look no further

After adding the 186 bore kit, the bike used to have a rough idle and would stall out if I didn’t keep the revs up. I removed my PCV fuel tuner and went with this ECU flash instead. Now it idles perfectly and revs smooth throughout the rev range.

Carlos Amoedo
ECU Tune

The crew at DHM were great to work with. The ECU tune and 186 big block kit was just what my stock Monkey needed. Tons of torque now and smiles for days. Will be coming back for future small bore needs.

charles duncan
186 cc reflash= awesome power

this re flash brought my bike to life. it has all the torque in the world, not much faster ,but I could always change sprockets for that, now that the motor has more power. awesome kit and re flash.

Joe Brockelsby

My grom came with a 186 installed with a fuel controller on it. I was never happy with the way it ran. Bought the flashed ecu and installed after a couple small hickups witch the guys helped me get through it runs better than ever. The support after the sale was top notch and the bike runs great. I will recommend to everyone

Better then my other tuner

Had the Dynojet on before the dhm tune. The dhm reflash has much more bottom end and noticeable top end power. Definitely worth the money. Thank you

This service is for customers who already own a 186cc 2v big bore kit and are looking for a tuning solution. This reflash makes 14.5 ft/lbs of torque and 16.5hp when paired with the 186cc kit and an upgraded intake and exhaust system. This reflash requires a PCX150 injector and upgraded intake and exhaust. If you have any further modifications please contact us before ordering.

You can choose to send your ECU in to be flashed, or pay $95 extra for a preflashed ECU.