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Paquete DHM Reflash y TB Cam (Etapa 2)

Núcleo de la ECU

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***Si ya posee un árbol de levas DCR o TB, aún puede comprar nuestro Reflash para esas modificaciones aquí: https://www.dhmotoring.com/products/stage1reflash

****NO SE AJUSTA AL HONDA GROM/MONKEY 2022+, para el modelo 2022-2024, haga clic AQUÍ

Si tu Grom ya tiene admisión y escape, ¡este es el siguiente paso!

Hemos creado un paquete de árbol de levas que le permite agregar un árbol de levas TB y nuestro DHM Reflash a su bicicleta. Esto agregará hasta 2-3 hp y también aumentará su límite de revoluciones a 10,000 rpm, al mismo tiempo que corrige las tablas de combustible y sincronización en su ecu. Su Grom experimentará una potencia de altas RPM mucho más fuerte, así como la capacidad de alcanzar RPM más altas antes de cambiar. Después de toneladas de pruebas en banco de pruebas y en la calle, creemos que esta es la mejor actualización disponible.

Relación aire/combustible corregida para sus modificaciones exactas
Mayor sincronización de encendido para la respuesta del acelerador y HP
Más de 13 HP dependiendo de su configuración de admisión y escape
Limitador de revoluciones de 10.000 rpm
Funciones normales de arranque en frío (sin problemas de inactividad en frío)

DHM Reflash ( más información aquí )
Piezas TB Árbol de levas

***Cada ajuste se adapta a sus modificaciones exactas (marcas de admisión, escape y levas, etc.). Después del pago, recibirá un enlace a un formulario en línea que le solicitará la configuración exacta de su bicicleta para que podamos ajustarla en consecuencia.

Tienes dos opciones de compra para envío. Una vez que haya completado la compra, le enviaremos un correo electrónico con instrucciones sobre cómo enviar su ECU para actualizarla. También puede optar por comprar una ecu básica, le enviaremos una ecu flasheada y podrá devolver la original y recibir un crédito de $50 o conservarla como respaldo.

Instalación de levas:

Customer Reviews

Based on 260 reviews
Daniel Marr
Fast turnaround BUT!... Issues

I ordered the DHM reflash with a tbolt cam. Ran okay for a little bit, but didn't last long before I started realizing all these issues. After resetting the ECU, (which I had done a couple times already before) it seemed like the flash went bad or my ECU went bad. Bike has under a thousand miles on it and ran perfectly fine before. I reached out to DHM with my concerns and they stopped responding... Recently just bought a new STOCK ecu and gonna put the STOCK cam back in and see if the problems continue. Right now with the DHM re-flash my bike acts like its in a limp mode with rpms jumping up and down at all throttle positions and its not ride able. If DHM would like to write back to me, i'd love to figure it out and keep the cam in there.. but this whole thing has been sorta a pain in the a**. every stock grom i've had has been bulletproof. The cam and flash was science so everyone knows its not a good idea.

Huge power gains!

First off, the service was fantastic, with fast shipping.
I own a 2014 Grom with 13000 km that I had since new.
The power gain for the price is awesome, I also bought the stock air box, Koso tube with adapter. Both were easy to install, and the performance is huge. I can now cruise at 100km/h VS my old 90km/h, not to mention gaining speed going up some of the hills I travel. The engines low rpm torque is gone, and shows up in the higher engine revs 7000 rpm and up.
I am very happy with my purchase and the performance gains.

Fernando Font
Another Cam!

I have been buying from DHMotoring for about 4 years now. Every single part is currently still in use and going strong. I am just here to buy more parts and continue the upgrade.

Haven’t had a single issue, and I mean the slightest. Installation and instructions are really clear, and endless YT installation guides. I love this company. They turned my baby grommie into a speedy little demon.

Modesto Echezarreta
Flash not working

I have been in touch with the owner and he has been responsive each day with questions regarding The Ecu I purchased. Unfortunately my bike worsened and have asked to have this ECU returned. Please don’t be discouraged buyers from buying his product. However, I had a bad experience and was a bit of a waste of my investment. I am keeping the tb cam as it has helped me. At this point I have asked for a process for return and have not received instructions on what to do for the returning process.

Stage 2 kit

Cheap easy hp simple install fast shipping and excellent customer service answered all of my questions monkey is a lot more fun to ride now revs out and pulls a lot harder in the upper rpms