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DHM 186cc ECU Reflash Service

Core ECU?

This service is for customers who already own a 186cc 2v big bore kit and are looking for a tuning solution. This reflash makes 14.5 ft/lbs of torque and 16.5hp when paired with the 186cc kit and an upgraded intake and exhaust system. This reflash requires a PCX150 injector and upgraded intake and exhaust. If you have any further modifications please contact us before ordering.

You can choose to send your ECU in to be flashed, or pay $95 extra for a preflashed ECU.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Eric Evans
DHM huge help!

For over 5 years now DHM has helped me keep my grom and 8 other groms running right. Thanks David!

Luke Trinne
186cc ecu

Bike runs great still running it in plenty of power its giving the clutch a hard time now so that next to upgrade more than happy 186cc grom is the go

Jazz Fernandez
Flash Works Great

I installed the 186 bbk and a bunch of other goodies on my grom and needed a good tune. This flash works great for all my modifications. From the low end to the high end the power is consistent. Also the communication between myself and the company was top notch. They helped me with all my questions in a fast manner.

186 reflash Works as advertised

Ecu reflash runs great with 186 cc big bore kit just make sure you install all the recommended parts really makes the grom run smooth.

186 reflash

I made so many changes at once that it’s hard to review the reflash only, but runs very smooth and nice power.

Great communication and fast shipping!