Honda Grom Stage 3 | DHM Piston, ECU Reflash, and TB Camshaft

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Ryan Stephens
2015 Honda grom stage 3

I’ve put 1000-1500 miles on this kit I didn’t expect for it to pull like it does. After 7k rpm it pulls hard to 10,200 rpm. I cruise at 70MPH with a 14t sprocket at 9RPM. Revving it out to 10,200 gets your adrenaline rushing maxing out the RPMS. And this dude will text you back quick.

D Grant
2014 stage 3

How Honda should have done it. Big improvement on power mid and top end.Picked up 12 mph now that engine has the power to rev higher in top gear.Fast service and shipping.

Sean Bonner
The Best Kit For Best price

If you want more power all around without breaking the bank BUY THIS KIT DONT THINK ABOUT IT HIT THE BUY BUTTON
A must have, didn’t ride much since it barley keeps up with traffic stock so decided to add a little power got an Exhaust and intake But not much difference so bought stage 3 kit makes a huge difference completely different bike, was surprised how much more power it added Love it was very simple to instal, if you have Basic mechanical knowledge, I also had a friend port intake manifold, Throttlebody and plastic gasket/spacer and intake and exhaust on head and help with build had it done in 4 hours most the time was porting. Dhm has some the best customer service and fastest shipping. So much fun to ride might do a 32 tooth in rear to get a little more top end cause now it pulls like crazy. Thank you David and everyone at DHM will definitely be buying more part from you guys.

Mike Aranas
Awesome 👍

Easy install nice horsepower increase, with 16 front sprocket, fully tucked in and wind behind me, I topped out at 79mph👍👍😘

Samuel Rivera sanchez
Awesome Upgrade

It’s a awesome upgrade through and through! I highly recommend the koso chain tensioner upgrade as well as kitaco clutch cover . They hate the hot weather . Already put it through 1200 miles since it’s been installed . Good area to ride it is between 8500-9300 rpms it’s it’s sweet spot for me .

The DH Motoring Stage 3 Package includes the following:

  • DHM ECU Flash
  • DHM High Compression Stock Bore Piston
  • TB Camshaft
  • NGK CR9E Spark plug with spacer

Combined with your aftermarket intake and exhaust, this is the most you can get out of your Grom without doing any head work. After dyno testing we were repeatedly seeing 13.5hp at the wheels (SAE) run after run! The Stage 3 package makes more power than a stock Grom at every RPM and double the horsepower at 9000+ rpm! 91 octane fuel is absolutely required. Any fuel with a lower octane rating may result in engine damage!

You can choose to receive a preflashed ECU instead of sending yours in ($95 extra), or you can send yours in to be flashed.