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DHM Stage 2 Flash and S1 Cam Package (2022+ Grom / Monkey)

ECU Core

If your 2022 Grom/Monkey already has an intake and exhaust, this is the next step!

We've created a camshaft package that allows you to add our S1 camshaft and our DHM Reflash to your bike. This will add as much as 2-3hp and increase your rev limit to 10,000 rpm, while also correcting the fuel and timing tables in your ecu. Your Grom will experience increased power across the entire rev range, as well as the ability to pull to higher RPM before shifting. After tons of dyno and street testing, we feel this it the best bang for buck upgrade available! 


  • Corrected Air/Fuel ratio for your exact modifications
  • Increased ignition timing for throttle response and HP
  • Modified injection timing for ride ability and response
  • 13+ HP depending on your intake and exhaust setup
  • 10,000rpm rev limiter 
  • Normal cold start functions (no bad idle issues when cold)


  • DHM S1 Camshaft
  • DHM Reflash for the S1 camshaft and other modifications

***Each tune is catered to your exact modifications (intake, exhaust and cam brands, etc.) After checkout you will receive a link to an online form that will ask for your bike's exact setup so we can tune it accordingly.

You have two purchase options for delivery. Once you've completed the purchase, we will email you with instructions on sending your ECU in to be reflashed. You can also choose to purchase a core ecu, we will send you a flashed ecu and you can return your original one and receive a $75 credit or keep it as a back up. 

Cam Installation:

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Jackson Byrd
60% increase in power band

Pulls great at 7-8.5k rpm on a 2023 grom and don’t need the cam chain tensioner right away on the new years, but they’ll go out after a week or two with the cam


Cam was amazing and ecu flash was perfect, bike is actually quick and everything came on time

samuel pagan
Just awesome!

All I can say is that it sound great and rides even better. Feels with good power. Installed it on a 2024 0 mile Grom lol…

Awesome Upgrade

Added the extra pep I was looking for!

Frankie Ranzino
2 different bikes

Bike is a legit little rocket now. I was never able to get past 58 tucked and I’m hitting 68-70 now full throttle. Lot more power through the gears. Do it you won’t regret it, it makes this bike so much more capable.