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Luz LED para matrícula de ajuste universal de perfil bajo TST

¡Este kit de luces actualizado incluye todo lo que necesitas para una instalación universal en cualquier motocicleta!

Customer Reviews

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Rich MSX125
Really nice solution

This is very small, bright, easy to install and a great design.
Big shout out to DHM for the super fast shipping.
Just a reminder, it is important to connect the positive to positive and ground like wise. It's not like incandescent, it matters on these little LEDs.
I did research after my install, dumb a&&, and found many people say to connect the positive to your tail light. If you have a OG Grom or any old school bike, the plate light and head light run on a separate circuit that powers only when the bike is running. Power coming directly from the engine is typically AC, it works, but may effect the life of the LEDs.


TST Led Low-Profile Universal Fit License Plate Light