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Pistón de diámetro original de alta compresión Honda CRF110


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¡El pistón de alta compensación de DHM está listo para agregar un poco de gruñido de gama baja, rango medio sólido y más sobrerrevoluciones a su CRF110! Reutilice su cilindro original y suelte este pistón para aumentar la compresión efectiva, lo que ayuda a que la bicicleta sea más ágil, más receptiva y más rápida en todos sus aspectos.

  • Entrada directa
  • Cúpula de alta compresión 12,5:1
  • Múltiples orificios de lubricación para falda y anillo.
  • Alivios de válvula para despejar culatas de válvulas grandes 27/22
  • Requiere afinación y un octanaje mínimo de 91.
  • Juntas de base y culata no incluidas.

***Establezca la separación del anillo plateado superior en 0,008" y la separación del anillo negro inferior en 0,010"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great Piston

I've been running these pistons for years in several race bikes and never had an issue. The only issues I've seen from the community always came back to the person installing- Either they didn't gap the rings correctly, run appropriate fuel, or get their bike tuned afterward.

josh gherasim
poor quality piston

i don’t leave reviews often, but i’d hate to see more people have the same problem me and plently of others have experienced. these pistons have a flaw, they tend to snap the piston ringland up top by the intake valve relief. i got a solid 2 hours of runtime then the piston gave out, ended up taking out my cylinder head, cylinder, and the piston itself of course. i’ve spoken to a few other people who have had this same issue, i’d really like to see a re-design on these. ring gaps were in spec following the specs dhm provides.

Faster Minis
Always Great Service

Fast Shipping and easy to order. A+

Cameron Jones
Definitely worth it if you want more low end power!

Picked up 10% across the entire rpm range on the dyno with much better throttle response especially in the lower rpm range. Can't recommend this part enough for a stock or built bike!


good piston

tight fit in the cylinder

testing on the dyno next week

only a huge pity that they have included the payment receipt while I order from the Netherlands

result that I have to pay a lot of import duties