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DHM Titanium Rear Axle Assembly for Sur Ron


DH Motoring is excited to announce that titanium Sur-Ron rear axles are now available! All shafts and nuts are manufactured from Grade 5 6al-4v titanium for high strength and low weight. These will not bend like the OEM axles!

We have been manufacturing and using these on our Honda Grom and CRF110 race bikes for years with success and we're excited to move them over to the Sur-Ron platform as well. 

Both axles and swingarm bolt have threaded ends that accept a nut on each side, in comparison to the stock setup which consists of a standard bolt with a single nut. The double-nut design allows you to service one side at a time without having to remove the entire bolt. This is helpful when replacing or working on rearsets or axle sliders! No more awkwardly holding the bike up trying to pull the swingarm bolt to replace a broken or damaged rearset!

Two options are available, we have the standard axle with two nuts that is a direct replacement for the OEM axle, and we have a longer version that includes two spacers to provide a flat plane to allow axle slider mounting. The longer version can be installed without axle sliders as well as pictured.

Product Features:

  • Grade 5 6al-4v titanium to increase strength and prevent bending that happens with the OEM axle.
  • M12x1.25 thread
  • Double nut design, to allow servicing of one side of the bike without removing the entire axle.
  • 17mm Hex head locknuts


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The best axle by far!


Now this is a quality part! I ordered a second rear axle immediately after installing this one!


Very cool

I used mine for pegs. If I had any would be to make a spacer half the size available.. or make the threads on the extended axle go another quarter inch so if you remove the axle you can tighten all the way. But I know pegs were not the intention. Arrived very fast and secure. And looks amazing.

Martyn Dashwood
Mr dashwood

I brought the Dnm rear axle soo far I e hit a few jumps and been fine