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High comp 125cc piston and TB cam

Great products! Great support! Installed Friday night, endurance race for almost 4 hrs - 200 laps non stop Saturday. High revving to 11k no problems. As always, pleasure to work with DH Motoring!

Cam upgrade

Love the new cat! Gives the bike the power it needed. I’ve had it with the cam for months and now I’m putting in the piston and my girl is buying the cam for her grom and using my old Ecu! After riding mine she’s upgrading her grom from stock/exhaust. To exhaust/intake/cam/14t sprocket!

It's alive!

David thank you! For what its worth, I love the tb cam! My bike is more enjoyable to ride especially after 6k+ rpm. This easy upgrade is suitable for what I'm utilizing my grom nowadays. Future BBK upgrades coming soon....


Amazing company super helpful and timely responses.

Love it!

I followed an independent review to this website and took a chance. I have two groms so feeling the difference this made was not just wishful thinking. The stock one feels lifeless compared to the one with this cam installed. It does seem to take away from low RPM power but more than makes up for it on the top end. I can actually pass cars without pre planning days in advance. I would recommend this to anyone who feels like the top end is flat on their grom. It will get you to you top speed quicker and you can feel it in your seat dyno.

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TB Parts Honda Grom Camshaft

A great, new performance camshaft designed for the Honda Grom. This can be used on either a stock bore motor or with the 186cc bore kit we offer! 

This is a NEW PART, NOT a RE-GRIND !!

Set Valve clearances to stock setting .003 in intake / .003 in exhaust

If you need an ECU reflash to go along with this cam, it is available here: www.dhmotoring.com/products/stage1reflash

If you would like to purchase the cam and flash together, we have it packaged here: www.dhmotoring.com/products/campackage