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Culata con puerto DHM para Honda Grom / Monkey 2022+


Esta culata con puerto proporciona ganancias de HP y torque en todo el rango de RPM al optimizar la forma y el flujo del puerto. Incluye resortes de válvula más rígidos y tiene espacio para cualquier leva del mercado de repuestos. Espere ganancias de potencia notables al agregar este cabezal a cualquier configuración.

  • Puerto de admisión de 25 mm para usar con el cuerpo del acelerador original
  • Guías de válvula de descarga para un flujo de puerto optimizado
  • Flujo ideal del puerto de admisión para maximizar la velocidad.
  • Compatible con cualquier kit de pistón y/o gran diámetro del mercado.
  • Compatible con cualquier cámara Grom del mercado
  • Requiere ajuste adicional de la ECU o ajustes de la ECU independiente
  • Incluye resortes de válvula y retenedores mejorados.

¡Combina bien con nuestros árboles de levas S1 o S2 !

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adam Jones
Stock Valve Ported Head

Backstory- Stock valve ported heads were not in stock for some time. Wrote to David to express my interest in purchasing one and If he could please keep me in mind once they became available for purchase. Of course David responded quickly and stated something along the lines of- no problem, its been noted and I'll keep you in the loop... Sure enough, he sent me an email few weeks later that they were back in stock, so I purchased one! Port work looks great! I will be pairing this with the DHM 149 Gen2 big bore and S1 camshaft... Highly recommend.

Kirk Russell
Excited waiting

It was sent through US POSTAL SERVICE . I’m anxiously awaiting, but haven’t received it yet (been 10 days, & still not showing it out for delivery). I have high hopes things will be great

Michael Ivory
New Years up grade

Have not installed ported head yet or the 27mm throttle body, aracer, af2 all going on in January, will be glad to rate it then.